Céline & Laurent Tripoz - Chant de la Tour Bourgogne Rouge 2016

Céline & Laurent Tripoz - Chant de la Tour Bourgogne Rouge 2016

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100% Pinot Noir


From the importer-

The Bourgogne Rouge "Chant de la Tour" comes from a parcel planted in 2001 that has never seen any synthetic products.  The wine is vinified in stainless steel and aged in barrels for less than a year.  It is all one can expect from a great Bourgogne Rouge made with little suphur dioxide.  Clean, very Pinot, and definitely Bourgogne.

In 1986, with only 1.5 hectares to their name and no experience to speak of, Céline and Laurent Tripoz began to farm Chardonnay, and shortly after, Aligoté. After years of selling to the local co-op and being disappointed by the result, in 2000 they decided to split, and started making the conversion to organics and biodynamics (now Demeter and Ecocert certified). The expensive decision for the small winery, which was already struggling, was surprisingly easy; they investigated the quality of the soils in their vineyards, which looked like they had been napalmed, and knew that soon their own children would be working alongside them in the vineyards, and they were horrified. The wine is all hand harvested and fermented in a mixture of old wood and stainless steel using indigenous yeast. Celine and Laurent are born into wine and their passion for good winemaking and conscious viticulture has made them key players in the region.

All the Tripoz vineyards are in or just outside of Loché, where the cellar is located. On eastern exposure, in clay loaded with limestone, the Tripoz believe that the only way to get a sense of terroir in their wine is to work in the most natural manner.  "The Maconnais is not blessed with the great terroirs of northern Burgundy, we have to work harder to get good wines here," Laurent says.