Domaine du Closel - Chateau des Vaults Rosee de l'Aube Mousseux NV (2011)

Domaine du Closel - Chateau des Vaults Rosee de l'Aube Mousseux NV (2011)

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100% Cabernet Franc


Savennières, Loire Valley, France

Imported by David Bowler

From the importer-

The presence of Cabernet Franc at Closel is a well-kept secret! Named for the rosy-hued skies of dawn (aube), this wine is 2011-vintage, méthose-champenoise Cab Franc which spent 4 years sur lie in bottle before disgorgement. Zero dosage. 1500 bottles produced. The final wine is very pale pink, with just a slight hint of color.

Evelyne de Pontbriand took over her venerable family estate—known historically as the Château des Vaults but now as Domaine du Closel—in 2001 in a career change from teaching French literature. Her mother Michèle de Jessey was a notable figure in the Chenin-only appellation of Savennières, having inherited the estate from her aunt, Madame du Closel; she was devoted to all things Savennières, and even became its president, the first woman to run an AOC.

Evelyne inherited her mother’s passion and technical acuity and now meticulously manages the estate, which comprises 13 hectares of Chenin Blanc (as well as 3 of Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon). The estate was certified organic in 2006 and received full biodynamic certification as of the 2015 vintage. Savennières is a famously unique, intense, savory and structured expression of Chenin Blanc, thanks to the preponderance of schist, a form of slate, in its soils; Evelyne has learned from her 16 years on the job that meticulous, minimal farming and winemaking is the most effective way to convey its essence.