Jaimee Motley Wines - Norgard Chenin Blanc 2016

Jaimee Motley Wines - Norgard Chenin Blanc 2016

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100% Chenin Blanc

From the producer-

Norgard Vineyard is located in the southeastern hills of Ukiah in Mendocino. Tim Norgard is a third-generation farmer who started farming in Ukiah in 1971. His grandfather came to Mendocino in the 1890s. The soils are a beautiful dusty, Pinole gravelly loam. This plot is unique in that the rootstock is historic AxR1. The vines were planted in 1980 and trained to bilateral cordon lying just 690 feet above sea level.

This wine completely won my heart at the end of 2017 after being aged in barrel for 15 months. The decision was made to barrel age the wine on lees as opposed to bottle aging. This helped to bring out an elegant and silky texture and evolve the aromatics. Grapes went to the press whole cluster and fermented and aged in neutral barrels for 18 months. It went through native primary and secondary fermentation, and was bottled unfined and unfiltered with under 20 ppm of total S02. This wine could be consumed tomorrow or in ten plus years to come. Give the Chenin Blanc time to open up in your glass.

From the distributor-

The aromatics flow through lanolin, fresh beeswax, and crimson gold apple skin. There are layers of dandelion flower tea and salt water taffy. The palate is broad and fleshy with a chewy mouthwatering acidity tamed down by a merino wool like texture.

A glass of wine, its form within reach on the table, is the result of the coalescence of intricate layers. These layers have drawn many to wine and its production through the years. The variables to the winegrower are limitless, yet working with them each vintage like a river finds its path of least resistance, can manifest a thing of beauty, just as the Colorado River presented us the Grand Canyon.

This principle, compounded with a deep respect for natural processes and the teachings of cherished mentors, gave rise to the vision behind Jaimee Motley Wines:

Alchemy, artistry, family. Reverence of nature. Acceptance of the unknown. Honor of the past and an embrace of the future.