Movia - Puro Rose 2007

Movia - Puro Rose 2007

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100% Pinot Noir Rosé (not disgorged)


Goriška Brda, Primorska, Slovenia

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From the importer-

Lunar's counterpart on the bubbly side of life. Puro starts off where other champagnes end their lives and move on to the ageing process. A Puro turned upside-down can live forever, as its permanently present yeasts are capable of keeping it alive for years. There is only as much suplhur as the yeasts themselves produce. A medium orange to red color. Red fruits on the nose, well matured, tertiary, yet still plenty of freshness. Dry, very homogeneous on the palate, the base wine was probably partly matured in fresh wood as there are gentle herbal notes present. A very complex, long-lasting, excellent sparkling wine.

The colour is rather intense salmon with plenty of tiny and vivacious bubbles. Quite extravagant on the nose, developed and mature as one might expect from an almost ten years old sparkling. We can find hay, dried herbs, flowers - almost like being on the lawn in the summer, some noble wood, balsamic and yeasty notes. Dry on the palate, vibrant, medium bodied, with intense character and touch of tannic grip. This is certainly not a classic aperitif-style sparkler but one that goes nicely with warm first courses and fish. In top condition.

Straddling the border of Italy and Slovenia, Movia is in the heart of the Collio. However, the winery is actually located on the Slovenian side of the border and as such is designated the appellation “Brda” (Slovenian for “Collio”). The Movia estate has been making wine for over three centuries and was purchased by the Kristančič family in 1820. It is difficult to summarize the importance of this estate and the work being done by current winemaker Aleš Kristančič. It was Aleš’ grandfather who, in a desire to save the legacy of family winemaking, convinced Tito to allow them not to sell their grapes to the co-op (as was mandated by the dictator himself) but rather to make wines and use them as the official wine of state. 

Aleš, who studied oenology at the University of Padua, is a proponent of natural and biodynamic winemaking. However, his vinification and viticultural philosophy cannot be construed as solely traditional or even purely natural; rather, it is a reflection of a collective wisdom acquired and refined over two centuries of winemaking at the Movia estate as well as formal, modern training. Aleš uses extraordinarily long maceration (years in some cases) in old Slovenian oak with no stirring. Racking is never performed, and the fining and filtering procedures are governed by the atmospheric pressure incurred by the arrival of the new moon. Movia’s wines are unparalleled in authenticity and unmatched in their purity of expression.