Vater & Sohn - Bacchus Trocken 2016

Vater & Sohn - Bacchus Trocken 2016

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100% Bacchus

Sustainable, Vegan

From the importer-

Grapes are hand harvested ferment in fiberglass tanks as whole bunches. The wine remains in the tank without racking for about 6 months on the full lees. The wine is bottled with a rough filtering and small addition of sulfur. 1,600 bottles.

Bacchus has always been a tricky variety with regards to rot (at least in the vineyards we inherited) but 2017 was the hardest vintage so far. After throwing more than half of the grapes on the ground we decided to separately collect the rotten ones and try making a wine out of it. With a noble rot percentage of 70% and a failed experiment in the back we went safe and added 2 mg/l SO2 to the juice of the rot-batch. And it became a surprisingly nice wine. Two days before bottling the wine was racked, roughly filtered and blended with the wine from the healthy batch before it was bottled with the addition of 2mg/l SO2.

The goal was to produce a couple of wines which would pass the quality test of the appellation. Optically clear, no funky flavors, stable. But still as natural as possible. The wines ferment spontaneously, go through malolactic fermentation as they like and remain on the full lees afterwards – just like our 2Naturkinder-wines. A light filtration takes place – if needed – just before bottling. And that’s where the sulfur comes in. With all wines having completed (malolactic) fermentation the danger of re-fermentation is pretty low. The first wines were bottled with as little as 25mg/l – and all of them passed the test. It might become a little more here and there but we were very excited to see that we can go pretty low. The basics are bottled, a Silvaner and a Müller-Thurgau, a few reds and a big Silvaner still have some time to develop in our old barrels.

The Vater & Sohn wines close the gap between the past and the future of our winery. They reflect what is important to us: family, love and tradition. And they are a clear sign that this little project will keep growing.

About 2Naturkinder-

Micheal Voelker and Melanie Drese spent many years working in other fields, traveling the world and living in Heidelberg, Regensburg, London, and New York. In 2013 they returned to begin taking over Michael’s father’s winery in Kitzingen in Bavarian Germany. Michael’s father is a long time winemaker, who in fact sits on the quality control board for the appellation, but has been very supportive of Michael’s desire to make wine without additives. They began to make natural wines under the 2Naturkinder label as a side project for the winery, and since then have decided to fully expand the project to take over more of the winery’s production. Michael has a particular interest in bats in the vineyard, and a few of the labels are inspired by them. He obtains bat guano from a local nature conservancy, which he uses when fertilizer is required. He is also sponsoring a research project to fund the role of bats in the vineyard.